I will bring a fresh, new voice to the Capitol, using real common sense to forge positive pathways forward. Gridlock and partisan politics are hurting Saint Paul and all the residents of 65A. The career politicians in Saint Paul need to move their party politics and self-interested agendas aside and listen to the people. We need fresh voices with new ideas that are about solutions and helping the people in our communities. 

As a pharmacist, every day I help people from all different backgrounds, regardless of the person’s race, religion, gender or economic background. Every single patient that walks through the door, needs and deserves my best. I focus on identifying the problem and determining the best solution. It’s not about agendas or what I want or what would bring me the most attention. It’s about what is best for my patients. I will bring this same focus and dedication to serving the people from 65A.



With many years of experience in healthcare, I have seen first-hand the struggles Minnesotans face today. All Minnesotans should have access to affordable, quality health care. Even after spending $403 million on MNsure, the health insurance exchange continues to hurt families and small businesses. Minnesotans who purchase insurance on the individual market are paying $794 (28 percent) more per year for insurance than they were before MNsure. Additionally, I worry that Minnesotans are not adequately informed upfront when they are buying insurance just how much it will end up costing them and whether they can truly afford what they are buying.  Our current system is unsustainable, with skyrocketing premiums which continue to climb and are anticipated to increase again- by as much as 67% in 2017. Minnesotans will be stuck with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and realize too late they do not have as much coverage as they thought and don’t have access to the healthcare they need. 

We need to end big bonuses for executives at MNsure and save individuals and families money on health insurance over the next three years. I will work to help middle-class families and small businesses by pushing reforms that lower their health insurance costs and give them more health care options.



We deserve rigorous public schools that prepare our kids for the future. Minnesota’s education opportunity gap is inexcusable and embarrassing. Nearly 90% of white students graduate from high school, while just 62% of African-American, 66% of Hispanic and 52% of American Indian students realize the same critical goal. Test scores in reading and math reflect the same disturbing trends.

We can and must do better. I will be a strong voice for our schools, fighting for our fair share of education funding and advocating for greater local control of how we spend those dollars. Every local school needs strong leadership and every classroom needs effective, well-trained and engaged teachers helping our students become tomorrow’s leaders. Schools should be able to hire the person most qualified to teach in that classroom. Teachers should be fairly compensated and rewarded based on their effectiveness, not just on years of service.

Quality education starts at home. Every child is smart and every child is ready to learn. We need to build a community that empowers and supports parents and students alike. Early education is the best investment we can make in our future. I will work to help families and early learners who need it most get the assistance they need to jump start their kids’ education.



Since 2004, Minnesota’s median household income has declined by more than $3,000 per household. Under DFL control, taxes have been raised by $2 billion, taking more money away from the hardworking families in our community. I will work hard to reverse this misguided approach by supporting tax relief for middle class families, students, veterans, farmers and job creators. Small businesses are our friends and neighbors and they are the lifeblood of our economy. Minnesota’s unfriendly tax environment and small business friendliness earned it a D-plus grade, ranking 29th out of 35 states in a recent survey.

We need to get rid of unnecessary laws, taxes and regulations that drain the resources businesses use to create the jobs we need.  I support lower taxes and common sense government to help our small businesses and local employers thrive, hire and increase take home pay for workers. In addition, I will work to enhance education and develop our workforce – matching skills to jobs so Minnesotans are prepared for better-paying jobs.


Public Safety

Police Officers risk their lives every single day to protect our communities but the safety of our families and neighborhoods is not just a job for law enforcement. We all have important roles to play to help ensure we can live and work in a safe and healthy environment. We need to build relationships, with law enforcement and with our neighbors. When we have relationships based on trust, communication and understanding, we can work together to make our communities safer.

Early education, strong public schools, engaged and supportive families and neighbors directly impact the health and safety of our communities. I will work to secure the building blocks that empower our families to be successful including access to jobs, options for public education like charter schools, and community education programs. I also will work to ensure local law enforcement has the tools and support they need to do their jobs effectively and safely.

Most important of all, I will help lead the difficult and complicated conversations necessary to bring all of us together to find solutions. It’s not about us versus them. Public safety is about all of us.


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